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Octavio Roncero CSIC - Madrid, Spain Gas phase reactive processes of astrochemical interest
Aurore Bacmann Université Joseph Fourier, France Understanding interstellar organic chemistry: contributions of molecular physics
Hilke Bahmann Technische Universität Berlin, Germany The shell model for the strong-correlation limit and its incorporation into exchange-correlation functionals
Lola Gonzalez-Sanchez Universidad de Salamanca, Spain State-changing processes for ions in cold traps: LiH- molecules colliding with He as a buffer gas
Jimena Gorfinkiel The Open University, UK Modeling electronically inelastic processes in electron collisions with biologically relevant molecules
Fabien Goulay West Virginia University, USA Reactions of the OH radical with gaseous and semisolid combustion intermediates
Jacek Klos University of Maryland, USA Electronic quenching reaction dynamics in atom-atom and atom-molecule collisions
Jérôme Loreau Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium Rotational energy transfer in collisions of ammonia with rare gas atoms and H2
Patrick Rousseau Université de Caen Normandie, France Molecular growth inside of carbonaceous clusters induced by ion collisions
Aude Simon CNRS - Université de Toulouse, France Modeling molecular clusters/complexes in a rare gas environment using a quantum-classical scheme
Olivia Venot KU Leuven, Belgium Experimental measurement of absorption cross section at high temperature
Roland Wester University of Innsbruck, Austria Quantum state-to-state collisions of cold molecular ions
Piotr Zuchowski Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland Challenges in the calculations of potential energy surfaces
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